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The new Swan 95 is the evolution of the Swan 90: longer, proportionally lighter, stiffer and faster than her predecessor. It follows the maximum sailing length concept of her larger sister; the Swan 115. As much as her larger stable mate, her specifications of interior, deck, rig and appendages can be adapted to a variety of modes for, either a full cruising, cruiser-racer or full racing modes.

An efficient, high aspect ratio lifting keel offers the possibility of having a deep draft high stability with a lighter ballast bulb for racing, in combination with an efficient square top fractional rig and racing bowsprit. On the other hand, the traditional triangular mainsail with a permanent backstay would be less demanding to the crew and thus better suited for cruising.

Even if the footprint of the superstructures of the S and FD are very similar, and the sail handling equally easy the overall results differ considerably. While the S is designed principally for guest comfort with well defined social areas and easily deployed sun protection in the guest cockpit, the FD is intended for action and the efficient work of a competitive crew on the racing circuit.

The height of the coach roof is kept to a minimum so as to give optimum visibility and little interference with the handling of the numerous racing sails. In both cases winches are strategically located and capable of multiple functions

Two basic layouts of the modern, practical, comfortable interior have been studied in detail by experts in long distance cruising and modern design, including a variety of customisation options, both the owner forward and owner aft versions of the raised saloon and the flush deck. Special attention has been given to secure the circulation of the comparably large spaces while sailing at the larger degrees of heel.

All in all I feel that the Swan 95 in all the various configurations is the ideal yacht for the sailor who enjoys being close to the action and the elements.

Germán Frers

Technical Specifications

Length overall

28.87 m

94.72 ft

Length of waterline

26.56 m

87.14 ft

Beam max

6.90 m (S)

22.64 ft

6.92 m (FD)

22.70 ft


4.40 m

14.43 ft

Displacement (light)

59,100 kg

130,293 lbs

58,000 kg (FD)

127,868 lbs


20,000 kg

44,092 lbs

Engine Steyr SE236E40

170 kW

231 hp

Sail Areas

Fore triangle

212.5 m2 (S)

2287 sq.ft

212.3 m2 (FD)

2285 sq.ft

Main sail, square top

274.2 m2 (S)

2951 sq.ft

260.9 m2 (FD)

2808 sq.ft


216.7 m2 (S)

2333 sq.ft

215.8 m2 (FD)

2323 sq.ft


Germanischer Lloyd Hull Construction

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